12 Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA You May Not Know About

What is life in Los Angeles without pet owners strolling along the beach or the sidewalk with their dog? Since the leisurely streets are wide and accommodating, Los Angeles is the perfect place to own a dog. They offer security, companionship, and comfort. In Los Angeles, they help you lead a leisurely lifestyle.

If you are in Los Angeles, you are lucky; your dog can go to more places than just dog parks and city streets. This world-class city has a myriad of outdoor spaces where you can have fun with your furry friend. They include restaurants, pubs, market places, hiking trails, and beaches.

Here are some places you may not know about

1. Runyon Canyon Park

One of the most popular outdoor spaces located in the Hollywood area, The Runyon Canyon is considered among the best hiking trails in the city. Even though some areas in Runyon Canyon are crowded with passersby, runners, and hikers, you can find a cool and quiet path where you can take a walk with your pet. Your furry friend might even meet other dogs along the trail, and they can have a puppy playdate.

2. Rosie’s Dog Beach

This is a beautiful beach that is located in Long Beach and covers 4 acres. It’s perfect for off-leash pets that want to run and play on the sand. Additionally, the calming beach waters are a great location for splashing and soaking up the sun. This top pet destination features a cool and breezy oceanside area, making it attractive for humans as well as animals. It’s a convenient place for dogs to socialize, and the wide-open space provides endless fun for your four-legged friend.

3. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is a plant-based restaurant known for delicious Mexican cuisine that has two locations, one in West Hollywood and the second in Newport Beach. Here, you can find a wide variety of sweet meatless meals in Los Angeles with amazing flavor. While you enjoy attractive organic and vegan foods, your pet can relax on a dog-friendly patio. Enjoy a weekday brunch or an afternoon drink with your furry friend.

Drinking out with my dog



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