14 Popular Dog Breeds with Health Issues

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We don’t want to Stereotype, but unfortunately certain dog breeds come with certain pre-dispososed health problems. Knowing what health issues can arise can help you treat your pup or hopefully even avoid them!  Consulting a vet pre or post adoption can secure you with the tools you need to be prepared.

Dog health issues by breed:

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The unmistakable smushed face of a bulldog


What makes these angels cute is also what can cause them to have health issues. Their smushed in faces can cause them to have respiratory problems.

NOTE: All snub-nosed breeds are more susceptible to overheating. The broad head and constricted airways found in Shi Tzus, Boxers, Boston Terriers and Bull Mastiffs means you should keep these babies cool all summer long. That said, English and French Bulldogs are the most susceptible to heat related issues.

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Beautiful black lab soaks in the sun


Labradors are particularly prone to becoming overweight. They need a lot of exercise!

The most common issue for Goldens is hip dysplasia a form of arthritis. This form of arthritis refers to the abnormal growth or development of the ball and socket joint of a golden’s hips. A golden retriever with hip dysplasia will have a deformed joint and socket at the hip. He may be in pain, have swelling and trouble walking.

The other issue golden retrievers are prone to is skin issues. Their dense undercoating long top cot create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Skin issues can include, dryness, flaky skin, allergies. Usually these are easily treated but if you notice something go to your vet to rule out anything more serious.

To cater to the needs of dogs with sensitive skin, use aspecial shampoo such as Pride+Groom The Sensitive One.

bernese mountain dog health problems, bernese mountain dog health concerns, bernese mountain dog hip dysplasia
Perfect example of a tai-color Bernese Mountain Dog with white “slippers”


Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the largest dogs breeds averaging in weight from males at 80-115 pounds) to females at 70-95 pounds. Large dogs in particular are at risk of canine hip dysplasia, which causes the head of the femur bone to join into the hip socket incorrectly. The Bernese Mountain dog breed also have a relatively short life expectancy of 7-10 years.

german shepherd health concerns, german shepherd hip dysplasia, german shepherd elbow issues, german shepherd healthy weight
a beautiful German Shepherd taking a water break


German Shepherds appear so tough and rugged its hard to picture them in pain or slow moving. Being a big dog like Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherds are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. German Shepherd owners need to take their health and exercise requirements seriously!



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