5 Best Dog Raincoats in 2021

Dog raincoats are the best tool to keep dogs dry and warm on rainy days. Most dogs hate rain, and the rain will wet their fur. Some dogs like rainy days, such as those who love to roll in the mud. Although their owners may get angry with high blood pressure, they For these hobby dogs, it’s like a party on a rainy day. There are also some dogs who have developed a habit of excreting outdoors, regardless of whether it is sunny or rain.
No matter what kind of dog, they are naturally energetic and the energy that is nowhere to be released makes dogs like to dog bites the slippers and destroys the sofa. We had to take them out to play, so wearing raincoats for the dogs is the best choice! Remember to bring your umbrella.

Two Things You Should know In Dog Raincoat.

Dogs and wolves in the wild don’t need to wear dog raincoats , they don’t need them by nature. But as a pet dog, the dog is far not as strong as the wild dog. So out of the protection of dogs, raincoats are also necessary. Generally have two effects:
1.Keep warm: Keeping warm is a very important thing. Dogs often catch colds from getting wet. If it’s raining, it’s okay. The water vapor can easily make the dog sick when takes the dog to travel through the mountains and old forests . So for the purpose of keeping warm, it is necessary to put on a raincoat for the dog.
2. Anti-dirty: Dogs walk on all fours and their abdomen is very close to the ground, so they are easily soiled by splashes of rain. Especially long-haired dogs and small dogs are more likely to get dirty. If you don’t want to take a bath once when you go out, it is best to wear a dog raincoat with hood.

Reasons why dogs don’t like raincoats

Dogs are just not used to dog raincoats, but after getting familiar with them, they will get used to it. According to the racial habits of dogs in socializing. We usually see dogs fighting and playing, they all have the habit of crawling back, that is, they like to ride each other. This is an act of establishing status and expressing one’s own “domination”. The tightness of the raincoat, especially the tightness of the back, makes the dog feel that he is being ruled and oppressed, so he will feel uncomfortable.
In fact, as long as they get used to it, your dog will relax. But still have to find a suitable size raincoat for the dog, and the whole body protection is more in place. Accurately measure the length and size of each part of the dog’s body. Make sure that both the front and back legs can get in. The most important thing is that there must be peeing and pooping holes.

Choosing the most suitable dog raincoat
For your best friend, buy a raincoat of the right size. Make sure that the dog raincoat does not hold the dog tightly and make the dog feel restrained. Before buying, you must accurately measure the size of each key part of the dog, and then purchase it according to the size chart in the product.

What are the best dog coats?

The best dog raincoat should have the following 3 functions
1. Hood or collar. Hoods are a great way to keep the puppies’ head and face dry when walking, and they usually make the dog feel more comfortable when outdoors.
2. Reflective surface. Be sure to look for raincoats with reflective surfaces. This will make your dog visible to motorists and keep both parties safe in low-light conditions.
3. Quick wear. A simple operation can save the owner’s time and let the dog go out and play faster.

According to user feedback, the best raincoat has the function of covering the abdomen and has the function of keeping warm. Of course, appearance and color are also important selection factors. We have found 5 kinds of dog raincoats that are most suitable for dog travel.



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