5 Dog Calming Products for a Stress Free Pup

Our dogs can suffer from anxiety and stress just like we do. Understanding when they’re feeling like this, and knowing what to do to reduce their stress is essential for a happy pup. So today we’re exploring some of the signs of a stressed dog, and 5 dog calming products to help ease their anxiety.

Signs of a stressed dog

It can be hard to identify whether your dog is stressed, after all, it’s sometimes tricky to know when you’re stressed out yourself. Luckily there are a few tell tale signs that could indicate you have a worried pup on your hands. Let’s have a look at them now…

Ear and facial changes.

These include pushing their ears back, darting their eyes about, blinking excessively, or showing more of the whites of their eyes. This looks a bit like what you’d imagine a typical ‘puppy eyes’ to look like, where you can see the whites below or around their pupils.

Body changes.

Along with facial changes, your dog may also show their stress through changes in their posture. Including things like tucking in their tails, lifting up one of their front paws, or tensing up. When our dog is super relaxed she’s happy for us to hold her on the back, so we know when she’s stressed if she doesn’t let us do this.

Excessive Yawning, licking, or salivating.

Obviously dogs yawn all the time, whether they’re sleepy or a bit bored, however, if you notice a particularly intense or long yawn it could be a sign they’re stressed. Along with this you might also notice excessive saliva (compared to normal if you have a Lab) or licking (of themselves or you).


Dogs pant when they’re hot, have just been doing zoomies, or are excited. As a sign of stress, you want to look out for abnormal patterns of panting, or if they’re panting more than usual. Alongside showing some of these other signs.

Cowering or hiding.

Some doggies are more submissive or shy than others, and might often hide. However, if you notice a change in your pup’s confidence, e.g beginning to hide behind your legs or burrowing into your lap, it could be a sign something’s up.

Now we know some of the indicators of a stressed dog, let’s look at some of the innovative new solutions out there…

1. Dog Calming Beds

Whilst not a new creation, dog calming beds have become particularly popular recently, especially on the old Instagram. How they work to reduce your dog’s stress is by imitating the feeling of being snuggled by their furry dog mum and siblings. They normally have high raised sides, a soft feel, and are great at keeping warmth in. Some also come in a doughnut shape for smaller breeds. The design helps give your pup a sense of reassurance and comfort, so are well suited for dogs with separation anxiety. According to the Anxious Pet they do work, but have the most benefit when used alongside other calming training techniques. Check out our other blog with training tips on how to calm a dog down.

Like with any product there are a vast array out there, some far better (and more practical) than others. Look out for one that is the right size for your pooch, has a non-slip base, and can easily be washed.

2. Calming Dog Food & Treats



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