5 Tips for Easing Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be such a tough thing for our precious pups! They miss their very favorite person in the world (AKA, you) and who can blame them? To make sure our furry companions have the best experience that they can while us humans are out and about, we put together 5 tips to help ease your dog’s separation anxiety.

1) Give them something to keep busy while everyone’s out

Leave them a fun trail of treats to sniff and find, like a scavenger hunt! You could leave them a food puzzle, or go with the classic peanut butter inside a toy. Chances are they’ll love the fun treat, and it will occupy their boredom while also keeping them distracted.

2) Leave behind an item with your scent

Sometimes the whiff of a familiar smell can soothe your sweet pup. Simply leave them with an unwashed t-shirt, frequently used blanket, or any other clothing item that carries your scent while you’re out and about.

3) Exercise your pup

A proper amount of exercise can reduce stress drastically. A chill, worn-out doggo is more likely to remain calmer than a riled up pup when left alone.



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