5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

The bright flashes of light and booming sounds are pretty breathtaking and beautiful for us humans, but for our pets fireworks can be super scary and cause lots of anxiety. We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to make sure our pups stay safe and cared for during firework season.

1. Get all of their energy out

Plan a fun workout beforehand that will tire your pup out and leave them super happy and satisfied. Go for a jog, a long walk, play some frisbee – whatever you and your dog love to do together. Hopefully by the time the fireworks start they’ll be in a place of happy slumber; counting sheep (or squirrels) and snoring away.

2) Have a personalized safety zone

If your pup starts showing some anxious behavior, having a safe zone decked out just for them might help. If their comfort zone is the kennel, you can cover the outside with blankets to muffle the noise (just make sure your fur baby can still get out if they want to). Give them their favorite chew toy, stuff some comfy blankets inside, or whatever soothes them; let their space be full of love and comfort.

3) Muffle out the fireworks

Turn on some noises that your pup is used to, like your TV or your favorite playlist. Don’t go overboard with the volume – you don’t want to add extra chaos to the situation. Just try to muffle out the fireworks a bit; even white noise helps.



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