6 Benefits of Children Growing Up with a Dog

1. Consistent fun, socialization, and support

Whatever we may think as adults, childhood is not all sunshine and rainbows. Just like us, children can experience feelings of fear, sadness, loneliness, isolation, and sadness – and when they do, these feelings are usually much more intense than the ones we know as adults. A pet is one of the best ways to provide consistent and reliable emotional support and socialization outside the parent and sibling circle.

A dog will be there through the good and the bad of a child’s life. This way, they provide a sense of security, safety, and trust. Even when they get into a fight with their sibling, their dog will be there for them. When they get a bad grade at school, they can turn to their dog for consolation. If they have difficulty adapting to social circles in a new school, a dog can help with emotional support tremendously.

Taking care of a dog and cuddling was shown to decrease stress levels and help people relax, which is why pet therapy in many settings is now a valuable and efficient stress management method.

2. Health and Immune System Benefits

Recent studies have shown that babies who grew up in close contact with a house pet rarely caught any illnesses during their first year, which also implies fewer visits to the family doctor. This is because exposure to dogs (and other pets) and the microbes they bring into the home from the great outdoors helps boost the baby’s immune system. Research has also shown that children who grow up with dogs are less likely to suffer from allergies.



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