6 Great Tips for First Time Dog Owners 

What an exciting experience to have and bring your first dog home. You have a best friend who will stick closer than a brother, alongside the opportunity for a series of other benefits. It is exciting to own and care for a dog. She will never judge you and will stick with you through thick and thin.

As exciting as it is to own a pet dog, there are several things you should expect. Becoming a dog owner comes with a series of responsibilities and commitments. Think of the dog as your adopted child who relies on you for direction, feeding, guidance, and all.

Not to intimidate you, here are six tips to guide you as you prepare to be a dog owner:

Do Your Research

If you have no experience with dogs, you need to consider several things before bringing a dog home. Make sure you are ready, physically, mentally, and financially. In other words, be prepared for the commitment. Like with a child, a new dog will be reliant on you for almost everything. It will rely on you for food, direction, guidance, etc.

Research various breeds and choose one that benefits you, and look at the big picture—what kind of life and shelter can you provide for the dog.

Prioritize Healthcare

Registering with a vet is essential. It will help prevent and address any future health issues. The service of a vet is vital for a regular checkup.

A vet can also help reduce the risk of some cancer, keep male dogs calm, and give tips on nutrition. Here is another common healthcare routine for dogs:

  • Essential vaccination to save her life and keep their insurance valid
  • Regular teeth brushing, at least four times a week
  • Check their ears for excess wax or any form of discharge
  • Recommendations on essential supplements to keep their bone, joint, and skin health
  • Checking for lice, ticks, and other parasites
  • Running your hand over their coat to check for bumps and sores
  • Regular grooming to keep their coat comfortable and free of parasites
  • Care for their paws and clip it if necessary



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