6 Important Questions About Dogs in Cars That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

So I’ve learned to adapt to having my dog in the car, and I’ve put together the answers to the most important questions that everyone should know about dogs and parked cars on warm days.

1. How hot does it have to be outside to be too hot in the car for my dog?

Unfortunately, because cars can heat up so fast, it doesn’t need to be very hot outside to be too hot for your dog. The American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA) has this handy chart that shows how hot cars can get depending on the temperature outside. Really, if it’s at all warm and sunny, then dogs shouldn’t be left in cars.

2. What if I leave the windows open?

If it’s really windy, and you leave the windows fully open (in which case your dog will probably escape), then it probably could help keep the car cool. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, most dog owners don’t leave their windows fully open, and leaving them cracked doesn’t move enough air around to make a difference. So even with the windows cracked, if it’s at all warm and sunny, don’t leave dogs in cars.



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