9 Cat Sleeping Positions And Their Meaning: All About Cat Sleep Behavior

Cats are well-known as expert snoozers. After all, cats even have a type of nap named after them! Whether your kitty is taking a catnap or is in a deep sleep, they often rest in adorable or just plain weird sleeping positions. Let’s explore what these cat sleeping positions mean in this post. And while you’re here, check out the GPS cat tracker that can track your cat’s sleep!

Table of contents

  • Are cat sleeping positions important?
  • Common cat sleeping positions and what they mean
    • 1. Cat loaf
    • 2. Belly up
    • 3. Superman
    • 4. Crescent
    • 5. Side sprawl
    • 6. Monorail
    • 7. Pretzel
    • 8. Paw over the face
    • 9. Eyes barely open
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the most comfortable sleeping position for a cat?
    • Why is my cat sleeping in a weird position?
    • Is it normal for a cat to be sleeping on top of you?
    • Is it normal for a cat to sleep in a box?
    • Should I be worried about the way my cat sleeps?
    • Why do cats frequently rotate their sleeping spots?
  • Cats are even more lovable when they are asleep.

Are cat sleeping positions important?

The position your cat chooses to sleep in can give you clues to your kitty’s likes, dislikes, comfort level, and how much they trust you. Their sleeping positions are like body language and may be affected by the season, what’s going on in your home, and your cat’s overall mood.

Cats’ wild ancestors are hunters (and technically, so is your kitty). So like their wild cousins, cats may sleep lightly and be semi-alert while dozing. The instinct to stay aware of approaching predators or prey is hard-wired into your kitty. Even though your furball isn’t prowling the savannah for a meal, they may still have the sleep habits of a wild cat.

Cats who are unwell may suffer from poor sleep and have a hard time getting comfortable, so paying attention to how, when, and where your cat sleeps can give clues to their general health.

Of course, it’s possible that your cat’s sleeping positions have no underlying secret meaning – your cat may just be trying to get as cozy as possible! Cats sleep from 12-18 hours per day, so it makes sense that they would seek the ultimate in comfort and security for this important endeavor.

Common cat sleeping positions and what they mean

Cats are adorable 99% of the time, and even cuter when they are asleep. Some cat sleeping positions perfectly embody the self-assured yet goofy demeanor of our kitty cats. All cat breeds demonstrate these cat sleeping positions.

Here are nine of the most common cat sleeping positions and what they could be telling you about your cat’s personality.

Grey cat sleeping on blue couch

1. Cat loaf

Can a cat resemble a loaf of bread? Well yes, if they are snoozing while sitting upright in the classic Cat Loaf position. With the front and back legs tucked neatly under the body and the head upright in a sphinxlike pose, your cat is probably taking a quick cat nap and is not in a deep sleep. In the Cat Loaf position, your kitty is still alert to their surroundings while appearing completely chill.

While in the Cat Loaf position, your furball is also conserving body heat. That’s why the Cat Loaf may become a preferred sleeping position when the weather turns cold.



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