A comparison of top pet door manufacturers: PlexiDor, Hale Pet Doors and Endura Flap (Patio Pacific)

All three brands are considered the highest quality pet doors on the market, and that is the reason we carry all three.

But, how do you choose the right brand for your home (and for your pet)?

Here are just some things to consider when comparing these top brands:

1) PlexiDor

PlexiDor pet doors are often considered the highest quality in terms of the materials used in their construction. They use a very strong shatterproof and insulated acrylic panel.

The doors open similar to swinging saloon doors, whereas most other pet doors are traditional “flaps.” This can be an important design consideration for some people.

If insulation is a concern for you, keep in mind that a classic “double flap” version of Patio Pacific or Hale may be a better solution as this feature reduces the amount of air coming into and out of the home when your pet leaves.

PlexiDor offers a 10 year warranty.

2) Hale Pet Doors

If you need a unique setup for your pet door, consider Hale. This pet door industry mainstay is also the brand with the most options to customize in terms of size, wall depth, training flap, etc.

In general, we hear that smaller dogs have an easier time opening Hale doors than the other two brands. Insulation is about on par with Endura Flap Patio Pacific (when purchasing a “double flap”), which is particularly relevant to keep your home warm in the winter, but also to keep air conditioning in the home in the summer.

Hale has been in the business a very long time and is also known for their customer service. Their warranty is shorter than the other two companies, at 5 years.



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