Are Dachshunds good pets?

As you know we have been joined by a new apprentice at Dogs Dogs Dogs HQ called Hula. She has settled in well to her new role and instantly asked why there isn’t more about Dachshunds on the Dogs Dogs Dogs website. As a result of her demanding ways and a few wees in the wrong places (wet socks for us), we have acquiesced and decided to let her have her way. Which is why February will now be known as Dachbruary. Quite weak we know but she did insist that we didn’t wait until Dachember which would have sounded a little better.

For those of you not familiar with the little breed of badger hunters we have pulled together some Dachshund facts and figures for you.

A Dachshund is also known affectionately as a Sausage dog and can be found around the ankle area of your legs. Size however has never been a problem for Dachhunds as they bark as well as any other breed and have an amazing habit of taking over the house of their owners very quickly becoming the leader of the pack. Not ones to be trusted much off the lead when they are young because in built is a desire to tunnel and hunt out food that tends to lurk in below ground burrows. This is where their tiny size comes in useful. Initially bred as Badger hunters in Germany, they became the must have pet or Royal Families across Europe int he 19th Century. This following soon grew to include themselves int he list of popular breeds in the US.

Small enough to cuddle with a big enough heart and mind to keep you on your toes, they make a great pet.

What types of Dachshund are there?

Different types of dachshund

There are 6 types of Dachshund, as defined by their size and coat. The miniature Dachshunds were originally bred for rabbit hunting allowing them to get down into rabbit holes. The larger Dachshunds were used more for badger hunting. You then have three types of Dachshund coat to choose from:


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