Basepaws Feline Cancer Research

Too many pet parents have known the heartbreaking loss of a beloved pet to cancer. As part of our commitment to helping all pets live healthier, happier, and longer lives, Basepaws is studying the genetic and oral microbiome factors associated with certain types of cancer. We welcome your participation in this research, which could inform the development of new screening tests for earlier detection of cancer in pets.

The Need for Earlier Disease Detection

The Animal Cancer Foundation indicates that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in dogs and cats. It also highlights the importance of early detection for improving pet health outcomes and quality of life.

Within the mouths of our pets resides the oral microbiome—a community of bacteria, viruses, fungi, archaea, and likely other microbes yet to be discovered. The feline oral microbiome holds valuable information about a cat’s health, and Basepaws began accessing and interpreting these messages with the world’s first at-home cat oral health tests.

This is where the potential of the oral microbiome lies—early detection of signs of disease. It turns out that the types and quantities of certain microbes in the mouth at any given time can be indicative of a disease state.

Basepaws conducts research that informs the development of oral microbiome screening tools for the earlier detection of active disease states (e.g., our oral health test for cats) and of a pet’s genetic predisposition to disease (e.g., our Breed + Health Cat DNA test). These tools offer pet parents and veterinarians more opportunities to address issues sooner and collaborate on personalized treatment plans so that pets can get the targeted and timely care that they need.



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