Can dogs eat wrapping paper?

If you ever give a pet a gift that’s been wrapped up, you’ll know that, often, the wrapping paper itself can be more popular than what was inside it. But as your dog enjoys ripping it up and biting at it, should you be concerned? Is there anything dangerous about wrapping paper when it comes to dogs? Let’s take a closer look.

Wrapper’s Delight

Plain wrapping paper – wrapping paper that does not have anything metallic or sparkly on it – is usually safe enough for dogs, so there’s nothing to really worry about there. Crepe paper is fine too, and as long as it’s just paper, it will likely be absolutely fine for your dog and not toxic at all.

That being said, it’s probably not the best idea to indulge your dog when it comes to the practice of chomping away on the wrapping paper. Some wrapping paper has been bleached using chlorine to make it extra white, and while the traces of these substances are very low, it can still upset your dog’s stomach.

Stay away from sparkles

What’s more, if the wrapping paper is covered in glitter, it can potentially irritate your dog’s digestion.

Foil paper and any paper with embossed metallics should also be kept away from your dog as both can cause damage to your dog’s internals. It’s also worth keeping an eye on ribbons and bows as both of these can be a choking hazard when someone’s big, greedy jaws get hold of them.



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