CBD for Stressed Cats

a cat sitting happily

You may be surprised to learn that our daily habits and our own stress can have a huge impact on our cat’s mental and physical health. After all, our animals are sensitive creatures that we share strong bonds with.

When we are stressed, our cats can experience stress too!  But what we can do is try to look at how our current events are creating extra stress in our cats.  By doing this we can prevent our cats from getting sick due to chronic stress.

Most cats live pretty healthy and happy lives but often pet parents aren’t familiar with signs that their cat might be stressed. The good news is that when life gets hard, cats will warn us when they aren’t happy. So if you’re not sure if your cat is or isn’t stressed right now then this blog is for you.

So let’s cover the most common signs our cats will show us when they are stressed. We’ll also cover how you can help them find peace naturally.

What are the signs of stress in a cat??

Chances are if you’ve lived with your cat long enough, you’ve picked up on their many daily habits. Knowing these habits is helpful because unlike dogs, who often show us their stress by:

  • Panting
  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Acting restless
  • Obsessive licking and chewing

Your cat will start by changing some small daily habits when they are stressed. You’ll want to watch to see if your cat is:

  • Hiding away in odd places in the home
  • Not eating or drinking as much or drinking and eating more than normal
  • Shedding more than normal
  • Meowing/yowling while wandering around the house
  • Urinating or defecating more often
  • No longer using their litterbox
  • Not wanting to be near other pets or fighting with those that they are usually friends with



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