CBD Guide For Puppies: Is CBD Safe For Puppies?

We know you are also distressed if your furry friend is in pain or is suffering from anxiety. Dog owners worldwide look for the best alternatives to treat their dogs and puppies. While we have a lot of skilled veterinarians, the medicines they prescribe may have side effects.

This situation is where many are opting for a more natural solution. CBD oil and other CBD pet products are natural and specifically designed to help your dogs and pups relieve pain and manage anxiety.

Young dogs are delicate, so understandably, you are worried about the safety of using CBD products and their effects on their health. We’ll answer most of the questions related to the safety of CBD oil in this article.

But first, let us understand what CBD oil is and why it is getting popular lately.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD pet oil is an all-natural medicine extracted from the hemp plant and marijuana plants, in which this compound is found in abundance

While it is still under research, many pet owners who have used CBD oil for their furballs mostly have good things to say. The oil is excellent for improving your puppy’s daily life. Pain relief, proper sleep, and relief from anxiousness are some of the best benefits of using CBD oil for dogs and puppies. You can feed the pups CBD oil or apply it to their skin to treat skin conditions.

Will it make my puppy high?

I am sure the moment you read the word “cannabis,” you must be wondering if it will make your puppy high. In other words, does it have psychoactive properties? The answer is no. Let us introduce a new compound to you – THC.

THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is another compound derived from cannabis plants and is available in high concentrations in marijuana plants. THC causes a euphoric effect and is responsible for making those who consume it feel high.

The concentration of THC in CBD oils has been permitted at 0.3% or less. So your puppy won’t have any psychoactive effects after consuming a pet CBD oil.



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