Community Fund – the latest recipients

In August 2020, we pledged to donate £25,000 to charities over the year ahead. We saw the impact Covid-19 was having on our local communities and charities, and decided to do something about it. And so the Community Fund was  established with one goal in mind: to improve the lives of dogs and the humans that care for them.

After a successful first round in October, the Community Fund is back – and it’s time to announce this round’s well-deserved recipients.

Assistance Dogs – a Northern Irish superstar

When Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland reached out to us, their application really resonated with the Community Fund committee. They have dogs – such as yellow labrador, Lexi, who work in hospitals providing support for individuals and their families while they are there. Their ask was very specific – funding to train a new support dog to work with a family whose child had been struggling with an eating disorder and who had visibly benefited from a relationship with Lexi while in hospital.

We’re awarded the charity a £6,000 grant from the Community Fund to  train and sponsor a brand-new therapy dog.

Three-month-old black labrador Maisie has  just started her journey to becoming a therapy dog – she’ll have a direct impact on the wellbeing of her family and others beyond that in her local area, and we’re really excited to see her grow!



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