Dog-Friendly Miami Guide

Hey, there. It’s @sterlingarcher_theyorkie here. My family and I moved to Miami in November from Ann Arbor, MI. We wanted to escape the winter and experience something new. When we moved here we not only changed our location, we also changed our lifestyle.

One of the best things about Miami is how dog-friendly it is! It’s not unusual to see patios and stores full of my dog friends.

We went from 20° winter days to 75° days! No longer am I layering up clothes to stay warm, I’m now focused on staying cool while looking fashionable. This means really putting an emphasis on my accessories! You can change your entire look by merely mixing and matching your harness, leash, and poop bag. I mixed and matched the Elma Poop Bag holder, the Globe Trotter Harness, and Leash.

The Globe Trotter Leash gives any outfit a sporty feel. The biggest benefit? It’s an adjustable leash that easily goes from 37” to 70” long. The Elma Poop Bag Holder is not your average poop bag holder! Shaped like an elephant, this leather poop bag holder is beautifully constructed and above all very chic!



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