Dog-Friendly Places to Explore in New York City

There’s nothing like traveling the Big Apple and experiencing the great outdoors with your number one companion! Exploring nature and bustling cities like New York can sometimes feel exciting yet overwhelming. There are many things to see in New York, but searching for dog-friendly destinations makes exploring difficult.

Luckily, this is the land of opportunity and one of the most dog-friendly places to travel! From dog-friendly cafes to popular restaurants, there’s no shortage of fun with your dog in this fast-paced city. Spending time with your pup in the city leads to dirt and grime collecting on their paws and fur. If you are traveling with your dog, keeping convenient and portable pet fresh wash mitts will benefit your travels. Read further to learn the best dog-friendly places to explore in New York City.

Barking Dog

Before you work up a sweat with your pup, stop to get some of the best food at Barking Dog. This popular dog-friendly restaurant is located on Manhattan’s upper east side, serving American cuisine guaranteed to delight you and your (paw)tner in crime! Barking Dog delivers some of the best dog-friendly brunch specials on the Upper East Side, making pets and their owners feel at home.

Decorated wall-to-wall with exquisite dog-themed art from local artists, this neighborhood gem provides ample outdoor seating. Your pup can mingle with other canines while enjoying the fresh air. Dine in a safe and comfortable atmosphere that welcomes your furry friend with a satiating water bowl or a round of doggy treats. Barking Dog is a top destination for dining with your dog and savoring some mouth-watering classics.

Best Places to Bring Your Dog in Central Park

Yorkie dog playing in Central Park enjoying an outdoor picnic.

Some people describe Central Park as mother nature’s kiss to the city. What could be better than a green paradise with over 800 acres of land to explore with your best pal? Not only are there 20(+) dog-friendly stops to see in Central Park, but also dog water fountains to quench a long day’s thirst! There’s something for everyone in Central Park, and your dog is no exception.



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