Dogs, Drones And Dangling Sausages: How Drones Can Help Save Lost Dogs

Technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before, and new devices like drones and GPS trackers for dogs are here to stay. So we thought we’d take a look at the relationship between man’s best friend – dogs – and one of mankind’s newest and favorite high tech gadgets and playthings – drones. How well do dogs and drones get along? Are drones bad for dogs? How can drones benefit dogs and their dog-loving families? Can a drone help you find your lost dog? What else can help bring a lost dog home fast? We’ll explore all that and more in this post.

Table of contents

  • Do dogs and drones go well together?
  • Do drones bother dogs?
  • Why do dogs bark at drones?
  • Can you walk your dog with a drone? Drone dog walkers
  • Always know where your dog is
  • Drone search & rescue for lost dogs UK
  • Local hero uses thermal imaging drone to find lost dogs and bring them home to safety
  • Lost dog saved from drowning using sausage dangling drone
  • Stranded dog drone rescue mission in La Palma
  • Conclusion: dogs and drones

Do dogs and drones go well together?

Dogs and drones. This unlikely duo is making headlines around the world lately with some unbelievable stories, a few of which we’ll explore here. No matter what your opinion is on drones and dogs getting along, people around the world are creatively putting their drones to good use – for the benefit of canine furry friends. And as the makers of the world’s most trusted GPS trackers for dogs and cats, we’re for anything that protects the lives of our canine and feline soulmates.

Haven’t heard about it yet? Here are some recent headlines for you:

  • Can you walk your dog with a drone? Drone dog walkers
  • Drone rescue mission planned for dogs left stranded in La Palma volcano aftermath
  • Sausage-dangling drone saves missing dog Millie, the Jack Russell terrier from drowning
  • UK woman uses thermal imaging drone to find over 200 lost dogs

So while not all dogs appreciate drones, and drones might pose a safety risk to dogs as well, it can’t be argued that drones do have their role to play in helping to rescue displaced dogs.

But first let’s look at how drones might not be so helpful for dogs, in some cases.


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