Dogs Mating: A Complete Guide to the Breeding Process

While mating is one of the most natural mammalian behaviors left to their own devices, we’ve long controlled dog mating to keep the purebred lines as healthy and robust as possible. If you’re thinking about breeding your pup, read our guide on the entire process below to see if it’s an excellent fit for your canine and your life. 

Have you always wanted to become a dog breeder but don’t know where to start?

Though the dog mating process isn’t highly involved, it does require taking a few extra steps to prepare for mating, ensure a successful mating, and care for both the bitch and the stud afterward.

Learn more about the ideal age for mating dogs and the step-by-step process that will help make the magic happen successfully.

How do dogs mate?

Though you may have been through it once or twice before, it’s time for a whole new “birds and the bees” chat. The way dogs breed is specific to their species. To ensure successful dog breeding that results in a wriggly litter of pups, you’ll want to watch the timing and behaviors leading up to and after the actual mating.

Age & Timing: When are dogs sexually mature?

Dogs tend to grow into their full-sized adult bodies by the age of two years, but depending on the breed and individual pup, it can be much less time than before a dog reaches sexual maturity.



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