Funny reasons why we all need a dog

Who wouldn’t want to have a pet that simply drowns in excitement whenever you walk through the door? Or a pet that worries so much about you to the extent that it becomes paranoid when it takes you longer than usual to return home? Dogs are actually loyal to that extent. They can serve as a friend, companion, playmate and even your protector. No matter the size, a dog would do anything to ensure your safety and protect you. That is how amazing they are. These and so much more are the reasons why we all need at least one dog.

Below are some amusing justifications for you to consider as regards why you definitely should get yourself a dog without hesitation.

Dogs Have So Much Love To Give You

Anyone that tells you dogs could be very mean has either been ten times meaner to their dog or just has a way of making dogs feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Dogs love their owners to the point where it seems like they might even pick their owners over themselves. Dogs actually give you unconditional love. You can be rest assured that the love your dog has for you would never change. It’s more like a till death do us part relationship for them.

Dogs Can Listen To You Talk For Hours And Never Get Tired

It is often said that dogs are great therapists. They can just lay down and listen to you express all your feelings without interrupting you. There are days where we just need someone to listen to our problems. It might be difficult getting a human to always listen. But guess what? A dog can never get enough of you. You are never too much for a dog. They always want you to talk to them.



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