Great Apps for Tracking Your Pet’s Health

The most important obligation that comes with having a  pet is the duty to maintain your pet’s health. Today, fulfilling that responsibility is easier than ever with the help of mobile apps that track and improve your best friend’s wellness.

Activity Trackers and Monitors

A big part of keeping your pet happy and healthy is adequate exercise. The combination of smart devices with low code solutions for app development has enabled an explosion of activity tracking apps for us humans; there’s no reason your pet can’t get in on the action, as well!

Wag and Rover are two dog walking apps that are very similar. Both of these apps help match you with a well-qualified dog walker, and both are available for both iPhone and Android. A Rover dog walk provides photos and a map of your dog’s route, plus text updates. Wag lets you track your dog’s walk in real-time using GPS, as well as receiving a report from the walker at the end of your pet’s walk. Both of these apps allow you to ensure your dog gets enough exercise while also providing a record of their activity and behaviors.

Activity tracking apps reach an even more advanced level when paired with smart devices. FitBark is an app that communicates with a special GPS collar, allowing you to check your dog’s exact location and movement on your phone wherever you are. This is not only a great way to keep tabs on how active your pet is but also provides a little reassurance that you’ll be able to find your dog if he goes missing.



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