Grounding us in Terra and Sage

As we, and our lovable pets, continue to spend more time together in our dwellings, it’s worth taking stock of what in our surroundings gives us a sense of grounded and embodied presence. What elements can be both hardworking and inviting? How can we create more calm? We asked ourselves these questions when creating two new colors in our Minimalist Collection.

So without further adieu, meet Terra and Sage: Two rich, on-trend earth tones in our signature heathered weave ready to adorn your space. We took this print on a test drive to a hill top Mixed-Mod home in the creative mecca of Highland Park.


Terra dog bed styled beside a custom marble table, dog-friendly faux rug and warm midcentury details.

Our Terra bed is influenced by the evolution of popular blush tones and hues with deeper, more earthy warm brown undertones. When paired with neutral furniture, these complex tones will stand-out while still feeling perfectly at home. “Terra” literally translates to “earth”, which explains the grounding one experiences with it in the room.



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