Help Your Dog Behave at Parks Better

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For dogs that spent extra time hanging out with us indoors during the quarantine, dog parks are clutch!

Not only are they great for exercise, but they’re also pawsome for helping Fido get reacquainted with other people, pups, and public spaces.

Whether it’s your pup’s first time at a dog park or their big post-quarantine comeback, we’re here to help you and your pet have some safe, social, and silly fun!

So, here are five tips for dog park etiquette to make sure you’re both prepared!

1. Leave Dog Treats at Home

Wait, what? No treats?!

It’s true. We’re sure your dog loves chomping away on their treats, but you might want to think twice before bringing their snacks to the park.

You see, the other dogs in the park might get a little… jealous. How jealous? Jealous enough to ‘voice’ their concerns or lunge at your pup to take their treat. No bueno.

“But, what if I bring enough treats for all the dogs?” 

Hey, we get it! Sharing is caring. But, keep in mind that some of those dogs might not be allowed to eat certain treats due to their own unique health and dietary needs. Plus, your act of kindness might make the dogs stop playing so that they can stare at you to get more treats. Uh-oh!

Better to save their tasty treats for home.



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