How heavy should my cat be? See if your cat is overweight!

Each cat has a different breed and size, which leads to some differences in their weight.
So, how many kilograms of a cat can be regarded as a normal weight?

Distinguish according to the size of the body

Small-sized cats: the standard weight is about 2.5 to 5 kg.
Medium-sized cats: the standard weight is about 4 to 6 kg.
Large-sized cats: the standard weight is about 5-12.5 kg.

In order to more accurately control the weight changes of cats, we can also make a distinction according to the age of cats (mainly for the more common medium-sized cats):

Stage Age Weight
Kitten 1 day 70-135g
1 week 110-125g
3 week 215-420g
4 week 250-500g
5 week 290-620g
6 week 315-700g
7 week 499-900g
Grown Cats Normal 2.5-5.5kg
Pregnancy/ Lactation 3.5-5.5kg

Standard weights of 6 common pet cats:

  1. Siamese cathow heavy should my cat be

    Adult standard weight: about 4 kg
    Siamese cats are skinny cats, they won’t have big jowls basically, so their body is very slim.
    Many people want to keep Siamese cats fat. Naturally, it’s okay, but too fat is not good either.
    Siamese cats Around 8 kg is the most perfect figure.

  2. American shorthairhow heavy should my cat be

    Adult standard weight: about 4~6 kg
    American shorthair has beautiful markings and looks very handsome. ASH’s figure should be said to be the best among cats. Fat is lovely, but if it is a little thinner, you won’t feel too thin and have no meat.
    The physique that can be fat or thin is deeply loved by people.

  3. Ragdoll cathow heavy should my cat be

    Adult standard weight: about 7~7.5 kg
    The Ragdoll cat is one of the largest weight and body cats today.
    The Ragdoll cat has very long hair, soft and smooth hair, very easy to touch, like a plush toy, and has a docile and friendly personality.
    It is also good for children. Will not be angry, it is a very popular pet cat in the family.

  4. Garfieldhow heavy should my cat be

    Adult standard weight: 4~7.5 kg
    Garfield’s face is flat and always looks depressed, but in fact it is quite optimistic and likes to play with its owner.
    The adult Garfield weighs 4 to 7.5 kilograms, which makes it easy to gain weight.
    However, it is easy to have tear marks. Cat owners should pay attention to the light diet and wipe the secretions from the corners of their eyes.



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