How Much CBD is Right for Your Dog?

As a maker of CBD pet supplements, we are frequently asked the question, “How much CBD is right for my dog?” It’s important to look at the pharmacokinetics and science of CBD Oil absorption in dogs to search for some answers.

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The first aspect to consider is the absorption rate. CBD absorbs rapidly into the bloodstream, with blood levels peaking after roughly 30 minutes of intake. These levels slowly begin to decline from there and around 12 hours after the initial dose, they typically hit a level where an additional serving is recommended. But as we’ll cover in just a bit, the size and breed of your dog will ultimately dictate the right dosage and how often to use them.

Another aspect to consider when adding a CBD supplement to your dog’s diet, or any supplement for that matter, it’s important to stay consistent so the active ingredients remain in the system. As with the vitamins that humans consume, the benefits aren’t necessarily instant, but will tend to compound over time. And no, rapidly increasing the dosage will not speed up the long term advantages, so be careful with trying to reach that destination goal too soon.

Recommended CBD by Size and Breed

Generally, CBD dosing recommendations for dogs are made by size/weight, but it’s also good to know the characteristics of your breed’s temperament before adding it to their diet. Then it’s wise to introduce the supplement in small amounts at first, with gradual increases over a steady time frame. There have been notable cbd benefits for dogs in lower doses, as well as higher levels up to 2.5mg twice a day for medium breeds. And as much as two 5mg doses on a daily basis for larger dogs like Mastiffs.

Please note, the suggestions below are based on the general weight and size of the various dog breeds mentioned and are only an estimate. Therefore, it’s extremely important to determine the specific CBD dosing schedule for your dog according to their exact weight and we recommend starting with a lower amount to stay on the safe side. Towards that end, when you’re just starting a daily CBD regimen for your dog, a half dose is recommended for the first week or two.

Small Dogs

With smaller breeds (25 lbs and under), we strongly advise taking the “start low and go slow” approach when adding a CBD supplement to their daily routine. This method allows you to gauge where the benefits begin without jumping to a high dose too soon. You can break down your dog’s favorite supplements into smaller pieces for half or quarter doses during this introductory phase.

Small dog with it's tongue hanging out.

Now let’s take a look at a couple of small dog breeds and how CBD can benefit them.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are highly energetic dogs that love to be active. In some cases though, that energy can result in anxious/nervous behavior. Giving a calming CBD chew just ahead of their daily feeding schedule may provide stress relief and prevent nervousness. Options with L-tryptophan, organic chamomile, and valerian root are also a healthy way to offer natural relaxation.

Even if your Terrier doesn’t suffer from anxiety, as they get older their joints wear out from years of constant activity. Pain from the patella (knee cap) moving out of place is common, but may possibly lessen from including cbd as part of their regular diet. And for those considering a full preventative plan, a complete CBD supplement set offers a range of benefits.



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