How to bath a cat? Tips for letting cats enjoy bathing

Most cats are very resistant to bathing, I believe cat owners must have a deep understanding. Every time you bathe your cat, you will be exhausted, bothered, and even scratched. And the cat itself is also not comfortable, and it can be said a “lose-lose situation”.

First of all, we have to make it clear that cats do not need to bathe frequently. Cats have the function of self-cleaning, and licking their fur is how it cleans itself.

Of course, not taking frequent baths does not mean not taking baths! Cat bathing is still very important. In addition to ensuring that the cat’s body is clean, it is also for the sake of the owner’s health. After all, the cat lives with you, and even sleeps together.

However, bathing cats must be skillful, rather than random washing, which may cause the cat to get sick or cause the cat’s psychological burden. Next is the key topic of Lionpapa’s blog today: how to give a cat a proper bath.

how to bathe a cat

  1. Trim the claws

The cat’s claws are very sharp, and it is easy to hurt people, not to mention that it will actively use the claws when taking a bath.

Therefore, in order to prevent it from being scratched during the bath, you can trim its claws before bathing.

But if your cat is also resistant to cutting paws, it is best not to do these two things on the same day, so as not to affect the mood of the bath at the beginning, you can trim it a few days in advance.

  1. Comb the hair.

Grooming is a cat’s favorite and enjoyable thing, so you can comb its hair before you prepare it for a bath so that it is in a relaxed state.

In addition, straightening out its hair can also prevent the hair from knotting after it is wet.

When combing, move gently so as not to hurt the cat and comb the whole body fur, including the abdomen. You can use a small brush to comb the hair on the face.

  1. Prepare the necessary supplies.

Be sure to prepare all the tools and supplies you need before bathing your cat, and put them in a place that is convenient for you to touch, instead of picking them up halfway, which will bring you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Things that need to be prepared are: bathtub, towel, pet shampoo, scoop container, comb (one each with dense teeth and sparse teeth), brush, skimmed cotton swab, cotton ball, Vaseline, eye ointment (as needed), tweezers (for cotton balls), hairdryer, etc.

  1. Control indoor temperature.

Cats are more afraid of cold animals, so they must not feel cold when taking a bath. The indoor temperature had better be controlled at about 28 degrees.

If the weather is cold and the temperature of the bath area is too low, you can turn on the hot water in advance to raise the temperature of the bath area.

Be careful not to let the cat catch cold while taking a bath.



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