How To Calm Dogs During Fireworks

Is your dog scared of fireworks? It’s normal. Whether on the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve or another special occasion, fireworks are almost sure to cause fear and anxiety in dogs. And if your dog is afraid, you can be sure they aren’t enjoying the festivities as much as you are. Fearful dogs with a noise aversion may become frozen, try to hide or run away, or behave aggressively during fireworks. That’s why it’s essential to know how to calm your dog during fireworks.

But first, let’s talk about why dogs are so scared of fireworks, and what you can do to make the experience more safe and comfortable for your furry friend. Plus, discover the number one way to never lose your dog again.

Table of contents

  • Why are dogs scared of fireworks?
  • Always know where your dog is
  • Symptoms of fireworks anxiety in dogs
  • How to prevent your dog from running away during fireworks
  • How to calm a dog during fireworks
  • Dogs and fireworks: final tips

Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

The first reason why dogs are scared of fireworks is simply that fireworks are really loud, even for human ears. And our canine friends have better hearing than we do. According to FirstVet:

Dogs hear sounds of up to 50,000 vibrations per second (50,000 Hz), whereas humans cannot hear sounds that vibrate more than 20,000 vibrations per second (20,000 Hz).

Their excellent hearing makes dogs more sensitive to noise, which explains why your dog may come running at the sound of someone opening a bag of chips on the other side of the house. But it also explains why loud fireworks can be terror-inducing for your furry friend. Chances are, dogs experience the noise far more intensely than you do.

Another reason why dogs are scared of fireworks is that they are unpredictable. While you’re excited to go see the fireworks and know what to expect, your dog has no idea what’s going on and can’t mentally prepare for the loud noises. From their perspective, it comes out of nowhere. And since each loud bang, hiss and pop from the fireworks comes at a seemingly random interval, dogs can’t get used to the sound.

Finally, dogs are scared of fireworks because they perceive them as a threat. The loud, unpredictable noise triggers the dog’s nervous system and fight-or-flight response. They become activated as their body prepares to protect themselves. In this state of heightened fear, many dogs will freeze, run away, or fight in response to what feels like, for them, a very real threat.



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