How to care for a Gopher snake

Gopher Snakes are a diverse species which include many recognised subspecies. They inhabit a variety of habitats throughout North America including deserts, prairies, woodlands, brushlands and forests. Most Gophers are expected to reach a length of between 5 – 6ft but some subspecies can reach 9ft!

They would usually display pale brown and tans with dark brown-black patterns down the body, though the appearance of these patterns and shades can differ between subspecies. You’ll notice in albino Gophers, the dark brown shades have been replaced with orange patterns and the body colours are white-yellow in colour. They also have the red eyes typical of an albino. They are quite skittish but should be tamed down fairly easily.


Gopher Snakes require a minimum enclosure of 4 x 2 x 2ft. Within this space, it is important to provide a good variety of decor for them to utilise. You will find the more decor is in your enclosure the more your snake may venture out as it will not only feel more secure but will also have more to explore!

Decor can include a variety of branches, tunnels, cork pieces, logs, rock and foliage and is even more beneficial for your snake when moved around every now and then. It is also important to incorporate at least two hiding spots, though more is recommended, and these will need to be available on both the warm and cool sides of the vivarium.

Substrates for the Gopher snake shouldn’t hold too much humidity and should provide a good opportunity for burrowing. Good examples include orchid bark or sand/soil mixes. This will need spot-cleaning regularly and should be fully cleaned every 6 – 8 weeks to keep a clean environment for your snake.



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