How to feed a retired Greyhound

So you’ve decided to welcome a Greyhound into your home – congratulations! Despite their incredible speed on the track, once retired these lean racing machines are actually soppy couch potatoes, perfectly content with an hour’s walk each day followed up by lots of cuddles on the sofa.

Now it’s time to think about their diet. What’s the best food to feed a retired Greyhound? Their new lifestyle doesn’t require anywhere near the amount of calories they need to race, but there are some key nutrients that are still really important.

Protein power

It’s a common misconception that because their retirement brings such a change of pace, Greyhounds need a low protein diet to keep them healthy. During their career, Greyhounds are usually fed on very high protein diets (that’s anything over 30%) to maintain muscle mass and energy.

Once they’re retired, you might think they need to cut all that protein out. Actually, all healthy dogs – including ex-racers of any breed – need a minimum amount of protein in their diet in order to maintain a healthy body.


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