How to help a hyper / nervous / badly behaved dog

There’s no such thing as a badly behaved, tired dog

Some dogs have more energy than others. This can be down to breed, genetics, nutrition and many other factors. However one thing is for sure, if a dog is tired enough it will not be badly behaved. If your dog is totally hyper it may need more exercise.

Nutrition is key

Just like with children, if you feed dog junk food they are more likely to behave badly. The first step to getting your dog behaving well is to give them a high quality dog food, like one of Pooch & Mutt’s range of grain-free dog foods. There are also specific ingredients that will help keep a dog calm, well-known ingredients like chamomile and lesser-know ingredients like l-tryptophan (an amino acid that the body uses to form serotonin, the ‘Feel-good’ hormone). All of these ingredients can be found in Pooch & Mutt’s Calm & Relaxed food.

Encourage, don’t discourage

We may hate it is our dogs jump up at people, bark too much and all the other traits associated with hyper dogs. The thing is that we can’t tell our dogs that we hate it, and anything that we do to reprimand them can be seen as validating their behaviour. Instead of reprimanding your dog the best thing to do is encourage an alternative behaviour. For example; if your dog jumps up at people, train them to sit at people’s feet instead, or if your dog barks when people come to the door, train them to go to their bed when people come to the door instead,



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