How to Keep a Dog Off a Couch

Do you love having your dog curl up next to you on the couch when you watch TV?

Or maybe climb up for a quick snuggle after a long day at work?

If so, then this blog post is for you!

We will discuss the pros and cons of letting your dog on furniture, as well as how to keep them off a couch. So if your furry friend has taken over your favorite seat, read on!

Should you let your dog on the couch?

Typically, this decision all comes down to personal preference.

Some people love having their dog up on the couch, while others find it distracting or unsanitary.

Others have certain furniture that’s acceptable for their pets to get on while also having forbidden furniture that their pups are never allowed on.

It is really a personal choice and there are both pros and cons to each side of this debate! Let’s look at them below:

Pros for letting your dog on furniture:

The pros are pretty obvious.

Having your dog on the couch can provide a great deal of comfort.

It is nice to snuggle with them after a long day at work, during a tough life event or just because you want some everyday love and affection.

There may be some cons to consider, but just this simple point that encompasses the entirety of the “pros” could be worth letting your dog on the sofa in and of itself!

Cons for letting your dogs on the furniture:

The primary reason dog owners don’t want their dog on the furniture is due to cleanliness. It’s nearly impossible to keep dog hair, slobber and dirt off of your couch unless you have something like these waterproof dog blankets to cover your furniture.

Dogs need boundaries instilled in them. Letting your dogs on your couch, bed and other furniture can make it hard to establish these boundaries.

Dogs who have free reign of furniture often get territorial. When you invite friends or family over, your dog may bully their way onto the couch regardless of if your company wants to join them or not!

Keeping your dog by your side at all times can cause separation anxiety for your dog. Although it may seem sweet, it can be very detrimental psychology for your dog. If your dog shows signs of separation anxiety, you should NOT let them on the couch or bed with you. Period!

4 Tips to Keep Your Dog Off a Couch

Get your dog their own bed

Most dogs prefer to get on your furniture simply because it’s comfortable. Don’t you agree that a couch cushion is more comfortable than the floor?

Get your dog an orthopedic dog bed that not only is more comfortable, but it also provides health benefits by providing comfort and support for their body and joints.

Once your dog has it’s own bed, that soft couch may not be so appealing anymore.



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