How to protect your bed from your dog?

No matter if you have a short-haired dog or a long-haired one, dealing with dog hair will be one of your main tasks as a dog owner. Especially when they start shedding.

So, the title of this article doesn’t aim to say that your dog is just going to come and rip your bed to shreds. Heaven forbid!

And trust us when we say that their hair can get EVERYWHERE! From your wardrobe or your terrace to that space behind that stove you’ve been meaning to clean. There’s just no avoiding that.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a huge and fluffy Newfoundland dog or a Frenchie, there will be hair floating across your floor.

But one of the most important places you want to protect is your bed. Simply, you want to get a good night’s sleep, not to wake up every now and again to cough up hairballs.

So, if this issue is something you’re worried about, this is the text for you. Keep reading!

How can I protect myself from dog hair?

So, what can you do to protect yourself (and your bed) from your dog’s hair? Well, there are two different approaches to this problem – you can focus on your dog or you can focus on your bed.

Or maybe you just combine both if you have the time.

In any case, here are a few useful tips you should consider.

1 – Dress your bed with durable materials

The first thing to do is take a look at how you dress your bed. The quality and the type of your bedding matter and can actually make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you allow (or are considering) your pet to hop on in and sleep with you.

You will want materials that contain a high number of threads for this because that way, the surface will be smooth and quite easy to clean.

The smoother the material, the easier your job will be, so you might want to consider things like linen, satin, cotton, microfiber, or even silk. True, the latter choice may be costly if the claws on your pet’s paws are sharp, but if not, you just might be able to add a splash of luxury to your bedroom and save a lot of time cleaning the bed.

Microfiber is also fairly popular for this particular purpose, but the best thing to do is to do your own research and then come to a conclusion. Don’t be quick to write the material off.

2 – Keep alternate sheets ready!

Apart from just getting dog hair on your sheets, many other accidents can happen.

Maybe your pet decides that the bone they’ve found outside would look awesome waiting for you until you turn in for the night.

Or maybe they just don’t see the problem in hopping right onto that warm and snuggly bed after a walk through a muddy park. Naturally, they will have to shake the rain off first.

Because of these and many similar situations, having clean sheets nearby can be extremely important. Not to mention that you can get rid of all accumulated hair from your bed in one fell swoop if you want, which is a great thing to do if your pet is shedding.

Not to mention that it’s recommended these new sheets be of hair-resistant materials, too.

In just a minute or two, your bed will be as good as new!

3 – Use a blanket

You can also solve this problem with something as simple as a blanket. Just cover the bed with it and protect the bedding.

This can actually be a pretty smart solution if you can find a blanket that is resistant to all kinds of problems pets can bring (drool, hair, even pee). And your dog will love resting on it because it’s so warm and comfy.

Dog blankets can also be a fantastic gift for your pet for any occasion because they can easily be personalized with a hilarious picture of your pet as an astronaut or a member of a royal family.

Not only will the dog love it, but it’s bound to be a conversation starter when your guests see it.

Later you simply remove the blanket when you’re about to go to sleep and use it again tomorrow and continue doing that until the blanket needs washing. Pro tip: look for blankets made of hair-resistant materials.



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