How to trim cat nails? Pay attention to 5 details

Teasing cats when bored is what many cat owners like to do at home on weekends.

But cats are used to paddling around with their claws, and sometimes scratching people’s skin and bleeding if they don’t pay attention to it.

At this time, even if the scope of the wound is small, there is a certain risk of rabies, and it is necessary to get vaccinated against rabies for the sake of safety.

Therefore, if you are ready to keep a cat for a long time, try to cut your cat’s nails regularly to avoid being scratched by your cat’s claws.

However, some novices have little experience in cutting nails on cats, and some cats with bad tempers are not so peaceful when cutting their nails.

So, how do you easily trim your cat’s nails?

Next, this blog will introduce 5 detailed points. After mastering it, the effect of nail clipping must be very good.

1. Get the cat’s trust first, otherwise you will be resisted

First of all, cutting your cat’s nails is like cutting your own children’s nails.

You must gain the cat’s trust and make the cat more obedient, so that the nail cutting process will be smoother.

If you don’t gain trust, you may be resisted by the cat.

I believe that as long as you spend a long time with cats, many cat owners can do this.


2. Fix the cat and press the cat’s paw

After gaining the cat’s trust, the next nail-cutting process should be done by two people as much as possible.

The specific division of labor is to let one person fix the cat and the other person to press the cat’s paw to cut the nails.

However, in the process of cutting nails, the first step must be to quickly trim the sharp nail edges on the cat’s feet.

As long as the cat’s claws are not very sharp, it will not cause harm to you and your family.

3. Choose special nail clippers to avoid cat injuries

When trimming cat nails, you must buy special nail scissors at the pet store.

Don’t use ordinary nail scissors that we humans usually use, otherwise it will easily cause cats to be injured.

Only with a special cat nail clipper, the process of cutting the cat’s nails will be easier, and the efficiency will be greatly improved.



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