Labs are intelligent dogs which are loyal and affectionate. They are of a friendly nature but can be suspicion and territorial.

They are highly inquisitive and have an independent streak. They are not demanding, but will be persistent if they want to do something. If the human meets this dog they will be polite, but if threatened they can be ferocious.

Labs are well mannered and very friendly to all, even children, however children should be taught not to play roughly because this dog can And do so gleefully. They are not fond of being left on their own, and like many dogs they can become bored or nervous without attention.

They also have a tendency to chew anything they can get their teeth into, so be sure to exercise your dog. Care If your lab gets a lot of exercise outside then it probably won’t need much grooming, however they do tend to shed constantly. Their coats should be brushed once every day or two, and they should be washed fairly often, at least two times a year.



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