Microchipping Made Easy

Microchip Misconceptions

June is National Microchip Month – the perfect time to make sure your pet is microchipped and updated! Microchipping is a fantastic tool for pet owners to make sure they’re keeping their furry friend safe. It’s the best way to protect your fur baby and make sure the both of you never have to worry about being gone for too long!

What are Microchips?

Microchips are a safe and effective way to identify your pet in case of a worse case scenario! They are a small microchip containing information about your pet – about the size of a grain of rice, they are inserted into your pet and are used as a way to identify them.

Microchipping doesn’t hurt your pet any more than the average vaccine, and can be a life saving measure! It is injected underneath the skin without anesthesia and is done at a veterinarian office.

If you’re worried about your pet receiving the procedure without anesthesia, inquire with your veterinarian about scheduling the implant when your fur baby would otherwise be anesthetized – like during a spay and neuter, or a dental procedure.



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