Money saving tips for dog owners

Keeping your dog happy and healthy doesn’t have to cost the earth, but owning a dog can add up.

Food, toys, vet bills, and insurance all cost money – so we’ve teamed up with Savoo (read about them at the link) to bring you our top money saving tips for dog owners.

Savoo brings you discount codes and exclusive deals – and donates a percentage of every sale to charity. This month, we’re delighted to tell you that they’re giving donations to our charity partner, StreetVet, who do incredible work supporting the homeless population and their pets.

DIY dog toys

One of the best things about owning a dog? They don’t care about labels – or where something came from. See that massive stick from the woods? Amazing. Old bottle. Lovely thanks.

Dogs are happy to play with anything. From old bottles to cardboard boxes, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep them happy.

How to make your own bottle 

It’s so easy to DIY a delicious toy your dog will love.



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