Natural options for addressing your pet’s joint discomfort

It’s hard to see your dog sore and limping, or slowing down due to age, but joint discomfort is very common in dogs. In fact, just about all dogs over the age of seven experience some form of discomfort due to aging. Unfortunately, products commonly used to address discomfort in pets often come with negative side effects and cannot be used long-term.

Pet parents are looking to natural therapies as a way to provide relief for discomfort in pets, hoping they might be safer or gentler options than commonly used products. But it can be hard to know what works, what is actually safe, and which to choose.

What are some of these popular natural options for pet joint discomfort? CBD is one of the most popular and effective natural therapies, but what makes CBD + CBDA stand out from the pack?

Signs of discomfort

How can you tell if your dog is experiencing joint discomfort? There are a few key indicators to look for:

  • Does your dog have difficulty getting up off his bed in the morning?
  • Has your dog stopped climbing stairs or hesitate before climbing stairs?
  • Has he stopped jumping in or out of the car?
  • Has your pup stopped or slowed playing with toys or other dogs?
  • Restlessness, panting, agitation
  • Stiffness or lameness

If you see any of the above signs, it is likely that your dog is experiencing significant discomfort.

Why natural options are attractive

Unfortunately, while commonly used products can work well in addressing joint discomfort, they often come with negative side effects. Particularly with long-term use, commonly used products may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and decreased appetite, and over time, issues like gastrointestinal upset and kidney and liver complications.

As pet parents become educated in the potential risks of these products, they are seeking alternative solutions in the form of natural options.



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