PICTURE-PURRFECT: How to Hang Your Portrait Perfectly

So, you’ve picked your design and uploaded your snap, waited patiently for the postman to come and excitedly opened the envelope. You’re the proud owner of a Purr & Mutt print. Now what?!

It’s time to hang up your picture of course!

We know that this can be the most tedious and frustrating stage, so in case you’re a little nervous about going freehand with a hammer, the Purr & Mutt team have put together a handy guide to help you hang your new portrait purrfectly.

Step 1: Choose the perfect spot.

Arguably, the most important step. Where are you going to proudly hang your bespoke print? Is it the first thing you want your guests to see in the corridor when they walk into your house? Or is it going pride-of-place above the mantlepiece? Perhaps in the downstairs loo? Wherever you choose, make sure there’s enough space around it and that you can hang at a good height.

Step 2: Make your mark.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, take a pencil (not a pen!) and make a tiny cross where you’d like the nail to go in. That way, you know it’s going to be hung exactly where you want it.



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