Presidential Pets – The Furry Friends of The White House

In the 246 years since July 4th 1776, we’ve had quite a few Presidents. Each time we elect a new President to run our country, they move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their furniture, family, and in some cases – pets!

The White House has had quite a few interesting animals walking it’s halls since George Washington was elected. Here’s some memorable and star quality “Furst” Pets that have belonged to American Presidents!

Benjamin Harrison – Whiskers the Goat

Johnston, Frances Benjamin via Library of Congress

“Old Whiskers” the Goat was a pet goat belonging to the grandchildren of President Benjamin Harrison. Old Whiskers spent time on the White House grounds, giving the grandchildren rides in a cart he was attached to. According to many sources from the time, there had even been an instance of Whiskers running off with the children still in his cart. This ended with President Harrison chasing the goat down Executive Avenue!

Lyndon B. Johnson – Him and Her

President Lyndon B Johnson had quite a few pets in the White House by the time he left his Presidency. His most famous pets were two dogs named Him and Her! These pups became famous after a controversial photo of President Johnson holding Him up by the ears in front of press.



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