Puppy Behaviors To Look Out For

Opening your home to a new puppy is a joyful and challenging experience. As puppies mature into grown dogs, they may exhibit some behaviors you find strange. Sometimes, these puppy behaviors are a normal part of growth. Other times, the behaviors may be a sign of something more serious.

Take a look at the signs below to determine which behaviors to look out for in a new puppy, and what those behaviors mean.

Biting and Nipping

It’s not uncommon for puppies to nip when they’re young. It may happen often when the puppy is playing because playfully biting is common between canine siblings. While it isn’t a concerning behavior for young puppies, the behavior should be remedied before it becomes a problem. Train your puppy not to bite human hands or clothes, and if you need help, consult your veterinarian or a veterinary behavioral professional.


It may be cute to have your puppy jump up to greet you when they’re small, but many breeds grow significantly before reaching adulthood. A fully grown dog jumping on peoplemay become a hazard. Start teaching your puppy not to jump on people (and furniture if you choose) when they’re still small.

Circling/ Sniffing Around

Puppies are curious creatures, so it’s normal for them to investigate everything around them. However, excessive circling and sniffing around may be a sign that the puppy needs to take a trip outside to relieve its bowels. Keeping an eye on these puppy behaviors can help make house-training easier. Know what to look for and your puppy will be house-trained in no time.



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