Relocating with your kitty: How to reduce your cat’s stress

Moving cats to a new home can be challenging as most cats aren’t generally too fond of changes!

Even small alterations to their daily routine can cause protest and behavioural changes.

This is why having to move their cats often causes cat owners to worry: Will kitty be alright? Can she be intimidated by the new surroundings and run away? The good news is: Your kitty will be just fine in your new home! It might take some time and effort, but with the following tips, your feline will settle into her new home very well!

Moving cats to a new home: 8 tips for the first encounter

Experts recommend to slowly introduce your cat to its new home one room at a time. Start out with a room that your cat will also have access to in the future and make it kitty-ready beforehand. How to proceed when you arrive at your new home with kitty:

  1. Start exploring the new home with one room
  2. Provide food and water
  3. Get some of your feline’s favorite toys
  4. Put its basket or blanket (or towel or favourite box) in the room
  5. Place the carrier in one corner of the room, open it and let your cat start exploring.
  6. Don’t remove the carrier just yet: Your cat might want to use it as a hiding place during the first couple of days.
  7. To let your cat know that everything is alright, find yourself a comfortable place to sit and stay in the room.
  8. Try not to stare but still keep an eye out for it.

Important: Just because you start in one room, doesn’t mean you should confine your cat to this room.

Don’t close the door! In the beginning, your cat will be too busy sniffing around and discovering the first new room to even notice that there is a door and more to explore.

Interesting fact: Cats are known to follow new smells or find shelter somewhere hidden when they feel scared. So make sure to always leave some furniture in the room, such as chairs or boxes, where she can hide whenever she feels a bit scared. This will make her feel more comfortable and secure.

what to consider when you are moving with your cat

New outdoors? 3 must-do’s to protect your kitty

Does your new home come with a garden? Introduce your cat to it just as you would with the inside of your home: bit by bit.

Pro-tip: Experts suggest keeping your cat inside for about 3 weeks before letting it go outside once you moved to a new home since many cats get lost if they are being let outside too soon.

Three important things to do before your cat goes outside are the following:



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