Summertime Pet Preparedness – How To Keep Your Pet Safe In A Disaster

Summer Pet Preparedness

As the summer rolls in, so does summer weather – and with it, summer storms. This month is Pet Preparedness month; It’s important to consider all the things you need to keep yourself and your furry friend safe! If you are prepared for anything, then you can all have more fun together!

Here’s some essentials and some things to consider when it comes to summer scaries, so you and your furry friend can be prepared and have a furtastic summer together!

Summer Scaries

One of the first things you should do that can be useful for almost any situation is to make sure you, your home, and your pet are all prepared and equipped for things to go wrong.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your pet for any disaster:

  • Keep your furry friend indoors when they aren’t needed to be! Keeping them chained up unattended outside, or in the yard outside can mean the worst for your pup. They can get hurt and caught up in natural disasters, or even just get scared and run away or chew through their leash. The best thing you can do (and one of the kindest things!) is to keep your pet inside when they’re not with you or using the restroom.
  • Make sure their information is up to date! If your pet is microchipped or if they have a collar with an ID tag, make sure it has all the up to date and accurate information! The last thing you want is for your furry friend to run off and be found, but not be able to be traced back to you!

Here are some supplies that might be useful in most emergency situations with your pets:



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