The 10 weakest dog breeds in the world

If flatly yours is to be lying on the couch watching TV, then do not even think of adopting a border collie or a jack russell because you’re going to want to go crazy. That’s why here we present some of the weakest dog breeds in the world , which will be more suited to your “low energy” lifestyle.

Here we leave you 10 dogs that the only thing they will want to do next to you is rest.

1.English bulldog

They were once bred to be fierce and help the hunters, but the truth is that nowadays they are dedicated to being pampered. These dogs love their daily outings, as long as they do not have to walk such long distances.


This strong animal of great intelligence does not require much exercise, can be happy living in a small house or apartment. However, do not forget that he has a strong character and can be very stubborn.

3.Shih Tzu

This dog is happy relaxing with the family, serene and at peace in his little world. Yes it is important that you journal one lap around, but not much more than a walk.


The pug is very dear to his charismatic personality, but he prefers to live inside the house since he is very sensitive to humidity and heat. To fulfill your need for exercise, just take it out every day to take a short walk or play with the ball.

5.Chow chow

This type of dog is very stubborn, independent and reserved. Many times it becomes grungy too. Because of its spectacular coat, it likes to be outdoors in cold weather, but it must be indoors in dry regions, or where it is hot and humid.



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