The Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Multiple Cats in 2021

When you need to travel for business or a short trip, when you need to work overtime and forget about it, a programmable automatic cat feeder can take your place, help you take care of your cat’s diet, and feed your cat at a scheduled time, is a good helper for many cat owners.

Automatic cat feeders are ideal for homes with only one cat, as most of them have small capacities.

What about families with multiple cats?

Lionpapa, in response to this situation, and taking into account the needs of families with more than one cat, has released a new automatic cat feeder for multiple cats, and we can assure you, it must be the best multi-cat feeder on the market.

What is the best automatic cat feeder for multi-cat

Flexible automatic feeding

Lionpapa’s automatic cat feeder supports both automatic and manual modes.

In automatic mode, you can freely control the time and frequency of feeding each day and the amount of food each feeding.

automatic cat feeder for multi cats

If you need to be away for a short period of time (less than five days) and can’t take care of your cat, this automatic feeder can take over.

4L large capacity

This automatic cat feeder can hold about 4L of cat food in total, which is enough to feed multiple cats.

The automatic cat feeder’s built-in program allows you to serve up to four meals per day, up to 20 portions of around 7g, which you can evaluate based on how much your cats eat.

The built-in settings program is also very easy to use, making to easy to customize healthy meals for you cats.

When designing the product structure, Lionpapa adopted the design of anti-stuck food, which has better fluidity than ordinary products. The cat food will not be blocked in the delivery channel or stuck at the exit.



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