Tips and Resources for Downsizing With a Pet

At a certain stage of life, downsizing your home into a more manageable space often feels like the right thing to do. However, if you have a pet, it’s not just your own needs you have to consider.

Unlike humans, animals don’t have sentimental possessions that help them feel at home; they rely on habit and familiarity to feel safe. Therefore, moving to a new space can be stressful as they’re unfamiliar with the new smells and surroundings.

If you have a cat, dog, or even a smaller pet, such as a rabbit, here are some tips for downsizing.

Preparing Your Pet for a Move

When you move, you’re likely to have to place your pet in a crate. Therefore, one simple step to make the move less stressful is to help get them used to their carrier.

You can do this by getting them to sit in the crate a few times before the move. You can also make the carrier a more fun place to be by putting treats, toys, and blankets inside with them.

You can also look online for free resources for pet lovers. You are likely to find great information on crate training, harnesses, and playpens that could help your pooch in their new home.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Before potential buyers view your home, take some key steps to get your property ready to go on the market. For example, making necessary updates and repairs to windows, plumbing, or flooring can increase your home’s value and buyers’ interest.

As a pet owner, you can also take some specific steps to ensure your home is sale-ready, including:

  • Remove any odors from the flooring or remaining upholstery
  • Paint over any scratch marks
  • Have any carpets or rugs professionally cleaned



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