Tofu Cat Litter vs Clay Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is one of many natural alternatives on the market but there are a few factors that make it superior to clay. We spoke to vets and cat behavior experts, delving deep into the subject of tofu cat litter to determine what makes it better than clay litter and why you should consider it.

The word “tofu” brings to mind the image of spongy blocks of plant protein. Its drab color and bland flavor may not do much to endear tofu to your tastebuds, but this vegetarian alternative is more versatile than you might realize. In fact, the soybeans from which it is derived can be used in all manner of ways – even cat litter! 

Since cat litter was invented more than six decades ago, cat lovers around the world have strived to perfect it. The development of clumping clay litter in the 1980s revolutionized the industry and, in recent years, natural and alternative cat litters have steadily risen among the ranks.

Cleaning litter box with tofu cat litter

But how do you make cat litter out of tofu and does it actually work? Tofu cat litter offers an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to traditional clay cat litter and myriad cat lovers agree: it works. 

We consulted veterinarian Dr. Megan Teiber and cat behaviorist Nicole Van Andel on the subject of alternative cat litters, specifically inquiring about tofu versus clay litter. Here’s what we learned and all the reasons why we think you should give tofu cat litter a try.

What is Tofu Cat Litter? 

Tofu cat litter is nothing like the cubes of soy-based protein that come standard with many vegan and vegetarian entrees. It’s made from the same food-grade pulp of soybeans, but it’s a byproduct of the process through which edible tofu is made. 

Because it is made from 100% soybean byproduct, tofu cat litter is a non-toxic, all-natural alternative to conventional cat litter. It’s typically shaped in narrow, cylindrical granules that are lighter than clay and have a slightly softer texture. Tofu litters are generally unscented and uncolored, though some manufacturers choose to add fragrance or colorant to their products. 

Tofu cat litter is largely dust-free, and the elongated granules tend to track less than conventional clay litter. Because the product is biodegradable, it’s safe to flush which makes it easy to dispose of.

5 Benefits of Tofu Cat Litter Over Clay 

Clay cat litter is cheap and readily available – you don’t even have to go to the pet store to buy it. You can find clay litter in most grocery stores, drug stores, and discount stores. Just because clay litter is often the most convenient option, however, doesn’t mean it’s the best. 

When selecting products for your cat, there’s no shame in considering your own convenience but keep your cat as the priority. Take his needs and preferences into account. After all, you are your cat’s guardian, and his safety and wellbeing are your responsibility. 

Tofu Litter Texture vs. Clay Litter texture

 If you’re trying to make a more responsible choice about what cat litter you use, here are five reasons we think you should consider tofu cat litter over clay:



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