Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds You Need To Know

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes. This includes large dogs, small dogs, dogs with long hair, and many more.

Many people love to have dogs with long hair in their homes. You need to focus more on grooming a long-haired dog, but people still enjoy having them as their furry friends.

There are many kinds of long-haired dogs, mainly differing in hair color. White-colored long-haired dogs are the most common. However, there are brown and gray-haired dogs as well.

Here are the top 10 long-haired dog breeds you need to know and what’s so special about them

Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds You Need To Know

The following are some amazing and beautiful long-haired dog breeds that you must know of. They make excellent pets, as most are great with families with young children.

Most of these long-haired dogs are highly energetic, loyal, and intelligent breeds that make excellent pets.

The Australian Shepherd

FitBark_australian_shepherd-1030x687 |  Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds You Need To Know

The Australian Shepherd is a famous long-haired dog. They have high energy levels and are bred as herding dogs.

The Australian Shepherd has exceptional beauty due to its unique coats, which grow in a bottle pattern in shades of gray, blue, or red. Their soft hair looked stunning in different hues and is one of the main features of this breed.

They are hard-working medium-statured dogs who are very sporty. They love to go for long walks with their owners.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

FitBark_bernese_mountain_dog-1030x684 |  Top 10 Long-Haired Dog Breeds You Need To Know

The Bernese Mountain Dog is also a beautiful breed with multi-colored coats. Their long coat of black, white, and tan fur makes them look fabulous.

They have a double coat with two layers – a wool-like overcoat and a longer undercoat. They shed a fair amount of it, so it’s advisable to maintain a frequent brushing routine.

They are a very loyal dog breed with a calm and friendly disposition. They are intelligent and gentle and great with children. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very active breed despite its large size.



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