Top 4 Flea Tablets Alternatives to Comfortis

Alternatives to Comfortis

Taking a tablet to get rid of fleas is one of the excellent flea treatment alternatives available to dog owners. In comparison to topical products or flea collars, there is less likelihood of residue coming into contact with humans and less chance of it being washed off during rain (if dog gets wet) or regular grooming.

There are numerous flea pill and tablet options available for dog flea and tick treatment, but the issue remains: Are they all helpful for dog flea treatment? And the answer is; Yes!

You may be wondering how this is possible.

It is likely that all treatment or flea control products are formulated differently in terms of working, dosage, appropriateness, or an additionally added ingredient. But all can be helpful according to the dog’s health and its living.

Comfortis is one such top-selling pill that combines all of the beneficial properties with a powerful active component – Spinosad. It is designed specifically for dogs and kills fleas quickly while also preventing flea infestations for 30 days. However, there are also numerous additional effective products available that your veterinarian may recommend for dog flea protection. Continue reading to learn about more effective oral flea treatments for dogs.



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